Everybody's a saint!

In Sunday’s first reading (Revelation), John has a vision of the saints in heaven.  And after trying to count and describe the saints, John basically gives up.  There’s just too many of them.  

Churches usually get named after one saint, maybe two.  When a church gets named “All Saints,” I always wonder if there was a big fight over naming the church, and to settle it someone said “Fine.  If you can’ agree, we’ll just call it ‘All Saints.’”  

As if being a saint is some kind of trophy or contest give away.  

That’s not really what All Saints’ Day is about.  All Saints’ Day is about the obvious.  That the saints that stuff gets named for aren’t the only saints.  All Saints’ Day is for the many, many more saints we’ll never know about. 

And that’s okay, because being a saint isn’t a prize or a “notice me!” thing.  Being a saint is what happens when you say “yes” to God and try to live it. 

More on this tomorrow.  Readings for All Saints