A Moment before the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Ordinary Time moves from the focus on specific events of Holy Week and the Easter Season to show us the big picture.  Not because we’ve run out of specific events (the readings are full of them).  But to show us what it all means in everyday life. 

It does that with some fundamentals of the faith.  The first reading (Job) starts by clearing up the basics - who God is, and who we are - in a brutally direct way.  And then by sorting out our relationship with God. 

Just like the Psalm that follows it, the first reading is clear, God can command the storms.  While that sounds kind of obvious, given what’s about to happen in the Gospel (Mark), it’s important.  So there can be no mistake about who is acting in the Gospel. 

Which is the part that we wouldn’t expect.  That such a powerful God loves us so much that he wants to be with each of us, to see each of us safely through the storms (literal and otherwise) of our lives.  God is waiting for each of us.  All we have to do is ask.