Press Conference Sunday

Palm Sunday’s kind of odd, even by Catholic standards. 

It starts with a procession, with everybody singing and waiving palm branches, like that’s just what you do.  There’s even a pre-Mass Gospel with all of the same stuff, plus people throwing their coats on the road, like that’s just what you do.  So what’s the point? 

The people in the Gospel are responding to what Jesus is doing.  And that would be…? 

Jesus is holding a press conference.  Given the prophecies about how the Messiah would appear, Jesus is going public.  Jesus is announcing that he is the Messiah. 

And the people are responding by singing, waiving palm branches, throwing their coats on the road.  Because that is just what you do, when you like what you're hearing and you're getting ready to crown a king. 

Which explains why the authorities go ballistic.  To them, this looks like the beginning of a revolution.  And they’re not wrong.  More on this tomorrow.  

Readings for Palm Sunday: