Shopping Season!

After two weeks of special themes, focused readings, and different colors (with All Saints, All Souls, and the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica), it’s almost a surprise to see all of the green come back this Sunday.  It’s back because we’re still in Ordinary Time.  

It’s almost as if this reminder of Ordinary Time was there to prove one of the points of last Sunday’s readings, that what is flowing from the Church (if we are paying attention) is something moving, active and dangerous, changing and shaping everything it touches.   

Given the all-consuming shift of our retail culture to the imminent shopping season (the Christmas stuff has been out since Columbus Day), Sunday’s focus on the human is the Church at its radical, countercultural best.  

When society at large is pushing spending and consumption as paramount, with this Sunday’s readings the Church makes a 180 degree turn to the deeply personal.  In a culture obsessed with things, the Church calls us back to people.  More on this tomorrow.  

Readings for Sunday: