...just what I gave you last year, great.

Re-gifting is a way to get rid of a gift you really didn’t want, while saving the money that you would have spent on buying a gift for someone else.  And it can work, as long as you don’t re-gift it to the same person who originally gave it to you.   

So here’s the backstory for Sunday’s Old Testament reading – David is doing well.  After years of struggle and warfare, he’s defeated his enemies and things are finally at peace.  Through it all, God has been there for David. 

David knows how much he owes to God, and now he wants to say thanks, to do something for God.  He’s got the best of intentions, but he still gets it wrong.  And gets caught re-gifting – by God. 

Which really shouldn’t be surprising – in a way, anything we give to God is re-gifting, since everything we have is a gift from God.  But even though David got busted re-gifting, God’s gift-giving is just getting started.  

More on this tomorrow.