A Moment before the 6th Sunday of Easter

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.”  It comes from this Sunday’s Gospel (John).  You hear it at every Mass.  It’s the lead in for the sign of peace, which is almost like a break in the middle of Mass. 

If the Mass is being interrupted by something, it’s got to be important.  So what’s this about?  My relationship with God, and the peace that flows from that relationship when it’s alive and well.

It’s so important that the Church is willing to stop the Mass.  To have people remind me that the Faith is about relationships.  And that all of them flow from the one relationship that is the only lasting source of peace. 

But what if I’m not at peace?  What if the relationship check just shows me how far I’ve wandered?  That’s why the next thing that happens is the Eucharist.  God’s invitation to each of us to draw close to Him and receive that peace. 

In case you wondered what that was all about.