Without really thinking about it, you and I develop expectations.  Without even trying, you and I get ideas about how things ought to be, how they should happen.

And while we may not be as overdramatic about it as the Israelites in the first reading, too often you and I get just as upset when things don’t happen the way we think they should.


And when we do, we close our hearts to God’s “even better.”  Because it didn’t happen the way we thought it should. 

Even though what happened was actually better, it wasn’t our way.  And instead of being thankful for getting more than we imagined, we’re resentful that it was different from what we expected. 

Which is exactly what gets called out in today’s readings. 

God provides.  If we really trust God, then we have to trust Him to provide.  Enough to let go of how we think it ought to be.  Enough to take the gift given on His terms, not ours. 

When we do, if we’re honest we’ll find it’s everything we need.  And more than we could ever imagine.

Readings for today.