Small things

I had dinner with some friends last Friday.  When I ordered fish, one of them asked me why I gave stuff up for Lent.  "What's the point?" 

I asked her if Dan (her husband, they got married last fall) put the toilet seat down.  When she said yes, I asked her how he did it.  Did he do it spitefully, to get her to shut up about it?  Or did he do it in kindness, out of love for his one and only? 

After a moment she said, "Actually he's pretty sweet about it."  

I said it's kind of the same thing with fish on Fridays.  If you're doing it in kindness, as a way of bringing to mind the One who loves you unconditionally in the middle of a busy day.  Out of love.  Then it's something beautiful and kind of sweet. 

More on this tomorrow.  Readings for Sunday