A Moment before the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Our ideas about what is fair can be strict, until we have to apply them to ourselves.  And then our ideas of what is fair can quickly become anything but strict.  This is the "fairness" that God is calling out in the Old Testament reading, a fairness that harshly judges others – but easily makes allowances when we are the ones that don’t live up to it. 

“I didn’t mean to do it.”  

“I’m not a bad person.”  

“I made a mistake.”  

“It’s not like I killed somebody.” 

When someone else is saying things like this, we can see right through them.  But when we’re the ones saying them, they make perfect sense – to us.


God’s fairness doesn’t look at what we meant to do, or how we see ourselves.  God’s fairness looks at what we do, and responds to us with a generosity greater than we can imagine.  

Sunday’s Readings: http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/092814.cfm