It's worth it

Whenever we see Bartholomew, he’s always with his friend Philip.  Always.  If something's happening in Bartholomew’s life, good or bad, Philip is there.  When Bartholomew was in the hospital, Philip came to see him every day. 

And if something's happening in Philip’s life, good or bad, Bartholomew is there.  So when Phillip met Jesus, of course he told Bartholomew.  If it matters at all, he’ll tell Bartholomew.  That’s Phillip. 

Not everybody goes to Mass on Monday.  If you do, you know what a blessing it is.  It can be a struggle (at least for me) to get to Mass on Monday and still make it where you’re going on time.  But it’s worth it.  

No matter if something good or something bad is going on in our lives, there’s no better way to start Monday than at Mass.  But I would ask a favor of you. 

Don’t forget to tell Bartholomew. 

Readings for St. Bartholomew's Day