Stay close.

One of my earliest memories is walking in the woods with my grandfather.  He wanted to take me down to the creek, to show me how to skip stones. 

I really wanted to go.  Only there was no path, and I didn’t know how to get there.  And there were a lot of trees and brush in the way. 


But I knew that if I stayed close I would make it there just fine. 

Because I was going with him. 

It’s kind of like that in today’s first reading.  They didn’t know how to get where they were going.  So they stayed close to God.  When God moved, they moved.  When God didn’t move, they didn’t move.  And through it all, they stayed close. 

And that’s the way that God wants it to be between you and Him.  God knows where you need to go.  Even when you can’t see it.  So stay close, and you’ll make it there just fine. 

Because you’re going with Him. 

Readings for Today