With Pentecost, we just finished the biggest of the Church’s seasons, Easter.  And now?  The calendar says we’re in Ordinary Time.  But it doesn’t feel ordinary. 

Trinity (last Sunday) and Corpus Christi (this Sunday) are their own special things.  Nothing is green.  There are specific readings.  And for Corpus Christi, there’s even a procession. 

So what’s the point?  With everything that happens during Easter, it’s easy to miss the deeper meanings.  And that’s what these two Sundays are for. 

It’s almost like a season, and it really should have a name.  Something like “Explanationtide,” or “So That’s What That Means,” or maybe “Stuff You Missed During Triduum.” 

More on this tomorrow. 

Readings for the 2nd Sunday of Stuff You Missed During Triduum