Have you hugged your supplemental insurance policy today?

There's a series of commercials with the AFLAC duck epically failing at yoga, golf, DIY home-improvements, etc.  In each one, someone points out how spectacularly the duck is messing up, with someone else agreeing and then mentioning the great job the duck did paying their claims. 

The message is clear - it's great to have the duck there when you need him, but you really don't want the duck hanging around the rest of the time.

A lot of people try to treat God like a supplemental insurance policy.  It's great to have God there when they need him, but they really don't want God hanging around the rest of the time.  They'd prefer to not even think about God, unless they really have to.

But, as the Old Testament reading shows us, this is not the relationship that God wants to have with us, not at all.  

More on this tomorrow.