God is greater

In Sunday’s second reading (1 John), there’s a nuance in the original Greek that’s hard to capture in English. 

And suddenly you’re thinking “I’m gonna stop reading right now.  Because this is going to turn into a boring mess, like listening someone go on and on about the updated version of Star Wars Episode IV, how George Lucas always wanted to have storm troopers riding giant iguana things.  I’m done.” 

I promise, this isn’t that.  It’ll be worth it. 

In that reading, it talks about the things that our hearts condemn, and that God is greater than our hearts.  The nuance that isn’t clear when you hear it is that the condemning it’s talking about is pointed inward.  This is all about God’s take on the things that we condemn - in ourselves. 

And the point?  If I think I’ve done something that puts me beyond God’s mercy, if I don’t understand how God could still love me after all of that, my self-condemnation carries no weight with God.  God is greater than my heart. 

Told you it was worth it.   

More on this tomorrow.