Don't be "That Guy."

When people find out you’re Catholic at work or school, it’s like you’re the “designated Catholic.”  Suddenly, you’re the semi-official representative of the Church.  And you get hear everyone’s ideas/complaints about Pope Francis, the Church, etc. 

One of the complaints will be how somebody associated with the Church (priest, nun, teacher, etc.) answered a question or made an off-hand comment years ago that really hurt them.  Why are you hearing about it?  It still hurts. 

As someone studying to become a permanent deacon, one of my greatest fears is being “That Guy” for somebody.  That some off-hand comment by me, something I thought was clever or just said without thinking, will be the words that hurt someone.  For years.  

Why am I bothering you about this?  Sadly, it's not just people with collars or titles that can do the damage.  It's a danger for "designated Catholics" too. 

More on this tomorrow.