No, that's not really it.

Sunday is the end of the liturgical year.  But before the calendar starts over with Advent, the year closes with the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe (a/k/a Christ the King).  

During the year, the seasons and the major feasts (Christmas, Good Friday, Easter, Pentecost, etc.) have a flow.  Things move from the life of Christ, to our life in Christ, arriving at last here.  Meaning that this Sunday is the point of the whole thing.  So what’s the point?  

Remember the Transfiguration?  Jesus goes up on the mountain, and Peter, James, and John see Jesus as he really is.  They’re so in awe, they can’t even speak, except for Peter who (being Peter) blurts out something goofy without thinking. 

That’s kind of what this Sunday is (no, not for blurting out something goofy without thinking), for seeing Jesus as he really is.  And not just what Jesus really is, but who Jesus really is.  More on this tomorrow. 

Readings for Sunday: