The boomerang.

The New Testament puts it in terms of sowing and reaping.  Sometimes we call it karma.  Some people think of it like a boomerang.  However we think about it, what we do – good and bad – comes back to us.  

The Gospel (John) opens with a messed up view of this.  Here’s how it goes - because the man is blind and cannot work (and has to be supported by his family), it must mean that he/his parents did something to deserve it.  That is, his blindness must be the boomerang from somebody’s bad deeds. 

Which completely misses the point of the boomerang.  It’s supposed to be a warning we give ourselves, not a way to condemn others. 

And Jesus’ response to the disciples’ question shows us just how messed up this view of the boomerang really is. 

More on this tomorrow.