The Convincer

So the seat belt lecture in driver’s ed was all about fines and suspensions.  The usual.  But no gross-out video this time.  Instead, we got a sketchy-looking, car-seat-on-rails thing.  Called “The Convincer.” 

It shoots forward, and then stops suddenly.  You find out what a 5-10 mph accident feels like.  And the “why” of seatbelts becomes perfectly clear.

In last Sunday’s Gospel (Luke), Jesus asks who people say that He is.  And Peter calls Jesus the Messiah.  The prince of getting it wrong finally gets it right.  So Jesus tells him to shut up.

Which makes no sense. 

Without this Sunday’s readings.  With them, the “why” of Jesus telling Peter to shut up becomes perfectly clear. 

More on this tomorrow.  Readings for Sunday