A Moment before the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

In the verses leading up to this Sunday’s Old Testament reading (Jonah), Jonah is called by God.  Jonah hears God’s call.  Jonah knows exactly what God wants.  And Jonah wants nothing to do with it.  

Which gets us to what we usually think about with Jonah, the whale.  But all of this is the backstory for Sunday.  Sunday’s reading shows us what happens after the whale.  After ignoring God, running away from God, and everything else, God hasn’t given up – God is still calling Jonah.  

Sunday’s Gospel (Mark) shows Jesus calling the first apostles.  With all of the people being called in Sunday’s readings, it’s easy to focus on the people who are being called and what they are being called to do.  But before any of that, there’s something else that’s the first thing. 

Before Jesus calls them to do anything, the first thing Jesus calls them to is a relationship.  And the way that each of them lives out that relationship shows us something about our own relationship with Jesus - the closer we come to Jesus, the closer Jesus comes to us.