A Moment before the Holy Family

Sunday is the feast of the Holy Family.  Sometimes called “What do you mean there’s church on Sunday?  We were just there for Christmas.” 

Christmas shows us how much God loves us.  With the Incarnation, God is literally holding nothing back.  If it takes becoming one of us to help us, God is willing to do that. 

This feast of the Holy Family is all about the Incarnation.  But it’s more than just a re-hash of Christmas. 

Emmanuel (one of the names for Jesus we hear at Christmas) doesn’t just mean “God with us,” as in God is for us (although that’s true too).  Emmanuel is exactly what God is doing.  Not at a distance, but in the most intimate of settings.    

God dealing with everything each of us deals with.  All the good and all the bad, from the very beginning.  Literally, God with us. 

Readings for the Holy Family