The line forms on the right.

It’s haunted house season, and it seems like everyone from individuals and families to charitable groups and theme parks are running haunted houses.  There are even commercial haunted houses run by haunted house professionals.

Besides the spooky lighting, special effects, monsters, etc., part of what makes haunted houses scary is the uncertainty.  You don’t know what’s going to jump out at you and you don’t know where you’re going.  But it’s not really scary, because while you’re waiting in line to go in, you get so see the people coming out of the exit, laughing after having a great time.  

In life, we don’t get to see the people coming out of the exit, and the uncertainty about what happens after we die can be really scary.  

And that’s what the Old Testament reading (Wisdom) for All Souls’ Day is all about.  If you’re worried about what happens when we die, Wisdom gives us a picture of God's plan.  More on this tomorrow.

All Souls’ Readings: