Ready for what's coming

The menu.  It can be a leather-bound folio at five-star restaurant or the chalkboard at your favorite coffee place.  A good menu shows you what’s there, and gets you ready for what’s coming. 

In Sunday’s epistle (Ephesians), Paul knows we can’t just sit around “being good.”  Whatever that means.  Which is why he follows his list of “don’ts” with a list of things to do. 

But to look at the list, there’s not a lot to it.  Nothing on it seems like it’s a big enough deal to really replace any of the “don’ts.” 

But that’s really not the point.  This is just the menu.  The point is to show us what’s there, and get us ready for what’s coming. 

In Sunday’s Gospel. 

More on this tomorrow.  Readings for Sunday