The source matters.

The Old Testament reading is from Ezekiel’s vision of the restored Temple in Jerusalem.  After being shown (by an angel) the glory of the restored Temple, Ezekiel sees the water flowing from under the threshold of the Temple.  The context for the reading makes it clear that the water is flowing from the innermost part of the Temple, the Holy of Holies.

Ever actually read the label on bottled water?  After the images and ad copy that make it seem like it comes from an artesian spring (whatever that is) or from organically-splintered glacier shards melted by the warmth of free-range chickens, it can be disappointing to find out that it’s really just tap water from Peoria. 

Apart from feeling a little scammed when we find out that what we thought was spring water really isn’t, why do we care about where it’s from?  Because the source matters.  The source of the water tells us what it really is, and what it’s good for. 

The Holy of Holies is the part of the Temple where God is directly present.  Meaning that the water flowing into an ever larger river is flowing directly from God – which tells us what it really is, and what it’s good for. 

More on this tomorrow.