The urge to reply

One of the constants in social media is stupid things.  Not lame humor, odd fan fiction, or abusing the word “literally.”  But astoundingly stupid things.  And intentionally hurtful things.  Things no one would ever say in person. 

But you already know that.  Maybe you’re like me and you have to fight (not always successfully, I’m ashamed to say) the urge to reply with something cutting or sarcastic.  Because sometimes it’s Just.  So.  Bad. 

I bring this up because the other day Pope Francis dropped a little Christianity 101 on his Twitter @Pontifex – “We are all sinners. Let us be transformed by God’s mercy.”  

And I made the mistake of reading some of the comments.  They were horrible.  Just like they are for every one of his Tweets.  

But he keeps coming back.  Always with the same love, always with the same focus on God.  How very Christ-like.  And the perfect model for me, when I get the urge to reply.