The wrong message

Sometimes what you mean isn’t the message that is received.  Like blogging about the great time you are having on vacation.  You meant to show off a little, but someone took it as an invitation to rob your home. 

In the verses leading up to Sunday's first reading (Acts), Peter and John are in the Temple, they heal a man and a crowd gathers.  Which draws the attention of the Temple authorities.  They question Peter and John, and demand to know by what power they healed the man. 

They mean to belittle Peter and John, to re-assert their authority.  But that’s not the message that Peter receives.  Given what comes next, it’s like Peter heard them say “please knock us down for our arrogance.” 

And Peter does it in a way that no one who was involved with the Crucifixion of Jesus could have expected. 

More on this tomorrow.