I was in there three days.

Sunday’s Old Testament reading (Jonah) shows Jonah when he finally gets to Nineveh and does what God calls him to do.  It’s kind of surprising he got there at all, since Jonah starts out desperately trying not to go.

If this was the Disney version, some kid-friendly, adorable creature would show up to help Jonah see things God’s way.  There’d be a glorious, transformative moment, and Jonah would show up in Nineveh happy and radiant, joyfully proclaiming God’s message.

But this isn’t the Disney version.  The creature that shows up isn’t kid-friendly or adorable, the transformative moment is horrifying, and when Jonah finally shows up in Nineveh, he’s anything but happy and radiant. 


Jonah’s answer to God’s call is begrudging (at best), and yet people respond to his message.  Which tells you who they are really responding to. 

More on this tomorrow.