To all of it

Today is the Annunciation.  When the angel Gabriel announced the birth of Jesus to Mary.  Wait, isn’t that on March 25? 

Yes.  But this year, that was also Good Friday.  So, the Annunciation got moved to today, the next open day.  Which makes sense - it would probably get lost on Good Friday (like there wasn’t enough other stuff happening in Holy Week). 

But there’s something right about having them together.  While the link between the Annunciation and Christmas is obvious (they are 9 months apart…), the Annunciation is just as much a part of Easter as it is of Christmas.  And seeing them together brings the Incarnation full circle. 

This is what flowed from Mary’s faith, her trust in God.  She said "yes."  To all of it.  And the world has never been the same. 

In case you ever wondered why we make such a big deal about her. 

Readings for the Annunciation