Just kidding, I love it.

Sunday’s Old Testament reading (Isaiah) is an invitation, a call to return to God.  So what’s the backstory for this invitation?  The usual.  God’s people have drifted away from God, tried to do things on their own, and it’s turned into a mess.  Again. 

Usually, after you mess things up and have to come back to someone for help, it’s not much fun.  You get to hear about everything you did wrong loaded with a lot of “I told you so” while you admit that they were right all along.  It pretty much sucks.    

But not with God.  The closest God comes to that is to ask why we would waste our time with things that can’t satisfy.  But that’s just to make certain we know that there are no substitutes for God and the plans that God has for us. 

Isaiah shows us that God’s response (when we mess things up and have to come back for help) is anything but “I told you so.” 

More on this tomorrow.