Two-year olds, traffic, and the love of God

In this Sunday's readings, Romans is the partner of the Old Testament reading.  The Old Testament reading grimly tells me what will happen when I do it my way instead of God's way, while Romans laughs and asks why I would even want to do it my way. 

Your two-year old son's ball rolls into the street, and you stop him from running after it because you love him.  All he sees is the ball rolling away, and he's mad at you for stopping him.  You see the traffic, you love him, and you keep him safe - even if he can't understand why you do what you do.


The difference between how we see things and how God sees things is like the difference between how your two-year old sees things and you see things, but even more so.  The anger of your two-year old at you for keeping him safe (how dare you!) is laughable from your perspective.  And so it is from God's perspective when I demand to do it my way - which is why you can hear the laughter in Romans.

Because you love your two-year old, he can completely trust you, even if he doesn't understand why you do what you do.  And so it is with God.  Because God loves us, we can completely trust God, even if we don't understand why he does what he does.

We'll look at Sunday's Gospel tomorrow.