Unfriending, Old Testament-style...

In the Old Testament reading, Jeremiah is complaining about being "duped" by God.  But what exactly is Jeremiah complaining about? 

In describing how God called him to be a prophet, the book of Jeremiah goes on and on about how God's words will be in Jeremiah's mouth, how God will deliver Jeremiah, and how God formed Jeremiah in his mother's womb to be a prophet.  It's a hard sell by the Almighty, and one that Jeremiah can't resist.

So Jeremiah goes out and does what a prophet does, proclaiming the words that God has given to him.  Unfortunately for him, the words that God has given to him are prophecies of doom and calls to repentance.  It doesn't take long for people get sick of the message and turn on Jeremiah. 

And that is what Jeremiah is complaining about - he did what God told him to do, and he's getting persecuted for doing it (beaten, whipped, thrown down a well, imprisoned, unfriended on Facebook, etc.).  You can understand why Jeremiah feels like God "duped" him.  

So how does this relate to Sunday's Gospel?  More on that tomorrow.