I've got a friend who's trying to figure out if God is calling him to be a deacon.  He asked me how it went for me, sorting out my call to be a deacon. 

As I told my story, it hit me that my discernment was pretty messy.  From not getting it, to false starts, to trying to ignore God, my path to becoming a deacon has been all over the place.  The only constant in the whole thing?  God. 

Which is why I love Sunday's first reading (Acts).  The apostles have been with Jesus for 3 years solid.  Jesus told them everything, so they know what's going to happen.  But when it does... 

They still don't get it.  So God sends angels to push them in the right direction. 

Which gives me hope, since God's done a lot of pushing with me too. 

Readings for Sunday