We did the things.

The TL;DR version of the Bible translates the Old Testament like this:


If the admit-nothing/don’t-ask-for-help approach doesn’t work when we do the things (see yesterday’s post), what does work?  Isaiah’s approach.

Isaiah’s approach is so direct in admitting responsibility that you can almost miss it (“we are sinful,” “our guilt,” etc.).  And “the ask” is done in such poetic language that you can forget that this is directly begging for help. 

Let’s say we do get over ourselves, at least enough to ask for help, what happens next?  Is it even worth the asking?  More on this tomorrow.



* For the original post with the New Testament as well: http://www.reddit.com/r/Christianity/comments/2mpv2r/the_stories_of_the_bible_in_tldr_form/



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