What if I told you...

The Old Testament reading is paired with Sunday's Gospel (in part) to tell us just how important the Gospel reading is.  It is also there to compare what the Gospel tells us to do with the critical warning given by the watchman.  Okay, so it's important - but what does the Gospel tell us to do?  

Sunday's Gospel gives very detailed instructions on what to do when someone wrongs you.  It spells out how to tell them about the wrong that they have done to you.  And it even sets out what to do if they ignore you.  

But isn't that telling me to judge people?  Jesus tells us not to judge (you hear it over and over from Christians and non-Christians alike), and even Pope Francis said "who am I to judge?"  So why is Jesus telling me to judge people? 


He's not.  Saying something is wrong is not the same as judging - they are two different things.  

But if it's not judging, then what is it?  More on this tomorrow.