What is the Holy Spirit?

When I was going through RCIA,... 

Yes, I’m a convert.  An adult convert.  Which means I can’t blame my Catholicism on parents, or habit, or culture.  I own it. 

The conversion of the hot mess that’s me and my family?  If nothing else, it’s proof that the Catholic Church is completely shameless and will take (literally) anybody.  I love that about the Church! 

Anyway, when I was going through RCIA, in the middle of a messy discussion with several people talking at once, one of the brighter people in the group asked what I thought was a rather important question - “What is the Holy Spirit?” 

She wasn’t leading the discussion that night, but the Dominican nun who ran our RCIA program lit up at the question.  Her eyes were piercing, but her voice was gentle when she softly replied, “I think you mean, who is the Holy Spirit?” 

And everything in the room stopped cold. 

Who is the Holy Spirit.png

More on this tomorrow.