A Moment before the 30th Sunday in Ordinary Time

What’s on your mind? 

It can be a kind question from someone who cares.  But it can also annoying - or worse - when it’s repeated insistently.  Just like a negative thought that repeats insistently. 

What are you thinking about? 

Sometimes it’s just a conversation starter.  But there can be something to it.  Really, it’s a conversation that I need to start.  With myself.  Because what I think about matters.  A lot. 


If I’m going to let a thought repeat, for my own well-being it needs to be something positive.  Something that makes me happy. 

Only it’s not something that I need to focus on, it’s Someone.  And the relationship with that Someone that is the only constant source of happiness.  No matter what’s happening in my life.  

Just in case you were wondering about the source of all the joy in Sunday’s readings.  Readings for Sunday