Will you answer?

The readings for this Sunday and last Sunday are all about prophets and prophecies, but not the kind we usually think of.  The ones in the Bible aren’t fortune tellers.  But they will tell you the future. 

When the prophets tell people about the future, it’s not really a prediction.  It’s more of letting people know about the end results of their present course of action.  About what will happen, if they keep on doing what they’re doing. 

The prophets themselves are people who answer God's call.  They trust God enough to go where God sends them.  They put God first, in a very literal way. 

Just like the Gospel (Mark), when the Apostles answer God’s call.  They answer God’s call, relying on God’s grace and provision.  The same thing that God calls each of us to do.  The only question, will we answer?

Readings for Sunday: http://www.usccb.org/bible/readings/071215.cfm