Who Writes This?

Moments Before Mass is written by a Roman Catholic deacon, husband, and father.   Moments Before Mass is written under the watchful eye of the author’s spiritual director, as well as several priests who would happily call him out on any errors.  

Why the anonymity? 

  • Because vanity.  Specifically, my vanity.  Moments Before Mass is about helping people get more out of mass, not about the person who writes it.  It’s like one of the Catholic Church’s reasons for deacons and priests to wear vestments – the focus is supposed to be on the message (not the messenger).

Why the stuff about priests and spiritual directors?

  • Accountability.  Anonymity does not keep me from being deeply concerned about the danger of misleading someone in the faith (see Matthew 18:6 for Jesus’ thoughts on this).

How can I support Moments Before Mass?

  • Pray for the author.

  • Pray for your parish priest.

  • Like, Follow, and Share Moments Before Mass on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

You were a deacon candidate for, like, forever - when did you get ordained?

  • 2017

(A dusty, from when I was information): What’s a deacon candidate and what do you do?